5 Easy Energy Saving Tips for Summer

Two people are sitting on a grey couch with blue pillows, smiling and enjoying a breeze from a white electric fan in a well-lit room.

With Canadian summers feeling hotter each year, it can be tempting to run the air conditioner (AC) 24/7 and risk skyrocketing energy bills. Never fear – with these five energy-saving tips, you can stay cool and save money this summer!

1. Schedule AC Maintenance

Invest in seasonal maintenance to ensure your AC is running efficiently. A qualified professional can check that your AC is working correctly and isn’t working harder than it needs to be. To get your central AC ready for summer, we recommend regularly vacuuming air vents to prevent dust buildup. Ensure that nothing is covering your air vents or obstructing airflow.

2. Change Your Air Filter

A dirty air filter will restrict airflow through your AC and increase energy consumption. Clean or replace your air filter at the start of summer to encourage air circulation and reduce summer energy bills.   

3. Adjust Your Thermostat

Keep in mind that every degree of cooler air will increase your energy bill, so try and set your thermostat as warm as comfortably possible. Try setting your thermostat at 25°C for the perfect mix of comfort and energy efficiency. Then, adjust as needed to find your comfort zone. Lower the temperature when family members are home, and keep it warmer when out of the house. A smart programmable thermostat, such as the Carrier Infinity System Control, can help make life easier.

4. Counteract the Heat

Air conditioners and fans work well together to effectively cool and circulate the air in your home. Take some of the pressure off your AC when you’re home and counteract the summer heat with floor and ceiling fans. Throughout the day, block sunlight with curtains and blinds, or plant shady trees outside windows.

5. Switch Out Your Lightbulbs

Did you know old-school incandescent lightbulbs are highly inefficient? Consider swapping out your old lightbulbs with LED lights, which use significantly less energy, run cooler and last longer. 

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